there is no little enemy

there is no little enemy
Cf. c 1386 CHAUCER Tale of Melibee 1. 1322 Ne be nat necligent to kepe thy persone, nat oonly fro thy gretteste enemys, but fro thy leeste enemy. Senek seith: ‘A man that is well avysed, he dredeth his leste enemy.’

1659 J. HOWELL Proverbs 8 There’s no enemy little, viz. we must not undervalue any foe.

1733 B. FRANKLIN Poor Richard’s Almanack (Sept.) There is no little enemy.

1887 J. LUBBOCK Pleasures of Life I. V. To be friendly with every one is another matter; we must remember that there is no little enemy.

2006 Florida Times-Union 22 Apr. M-18 Students also sent her their favorite quotes... Student Saye Kotee chose the quote ‘there is no little enemy.’

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